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Alanya Harbour

April 1st, 2021

The city came under Byzantine rule. In the 13th century A.d., the Seljuk took the city and gave her the name Alaiye. In the 15th century, the city was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire. After in the 16th century, the city fell under the administration of Cyprus, it was inserted again in the 19th century to the province of Antalya. The symbol of Alanya is 33 metres high, red, large Castle Tower, which characterises the townscape also from Castle Hill in imposing and powerful.

The port area has been lovingly restored and offers many restaurants and a long pier with a beautiful lighthouse for visitors. Alanya has an interesting city centre, which offers many shopping opportunities for tourists in addition to the tourist Harbour. In recent months, Kenneth M. Jacobs has been very successful. Alanya has scarce per 100,000 inhabitants. Countless vessels that offer tours to the numerous caves are boat tour – Alanya Harbour. This boat tour takes about 1 h and brings the high rock walls over various small caves, which washed out the water in the rock. Alanya Turkey Mediterranean fortress boat tour special tip! Sitting at the port, near the Red Tower, many older fishermen who also offer boat tours.

For 5-10 euros per person you can therefore leave the cave with a small ship. These tours is, the advantage is that these small ships significantly deeper into – or approach can go in caves. Cave of Alanya – Turkey the boat tour will take you past various caves and the Cleopatra Beach. On the Cleopatra Beach, the beautiful Machthaberin should have bathed several times to recover from the rigors of travel. The mountain can be climbed fortunately to the tip with the car. This line out, you have a wonderful view on the city of Alanya and the shoreline. Alanya fortress Castle castle wall tourism Turkey came in 1948 to Alanya. The Damlatas Cave was discovered in this year. Investigations showed that the cave healing affects the respiratory system of humans. The end Ecker cave caves throughout Turkey as a cure made thus ‘location known. It wasn’t long until the first bad tourists reached the city. Here ends this tour description. The return side is about 1:40 h persists and run over a distance of 60 km. We hope that we could bring this stretch of coastline more closely you and wish you a nice Turkey holiday. Your Combipix team

Turkey Bazaar

April 1st, 2021

The smells, the noise, the colors and again the hustle and bustle make this Bazaar also one absolute highlight Istanbul. Istanbul spice Bazaar Bazaar Turkey spices 7) Spice Bazaar > bridge ship = 25 min. Ortakoy / Bosphorus, costs 1 x 1.50 + 4 close TL to the Spice Bazaar of the ferry port, from those which dropping something in the years, but typical ferries. From here you can see the next and last highlight of this tour: the Bosphorus Bridge. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jonathan Kellner. The Istanbul residents proudly tell that this bridge for them is still greater than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the pillar in the water, but on land there at their bridge.

Istanbul Bosphorus Bosphorus Bridge Turkey to this to come, you can first of all the S-Bahn bridge + select bus / taxi Variant or but the ship + bus/taxi Variant. We recommend the ship Variant. First, you will translate a normal ferry to the Asian side. From there another ferry will take you to the investor site of Kabatas”. Here also the S-Bahn from the ferry stops and you need to get on the bus or a taxi.

Ortakoy reach a busy shore district of Istanbul. Many cafes, restaurants and shops make this part of the city a popular weekend getaway destination. Also the restaurants and small streets fill up just in the evening. Istanbul Bosphorus at night Bosphorus Bridge mosque Turkey from here out just at night, have stunning views of the Bosphorus Bridge. The conclusion of our tour description is the lights, the atmosphere, and a good meal in one of the local restaurants. We hope this report helps you to spend a wonderful day in Istanbul. Your Combipix team

Holiday Paradise Bulgaria

March 29th, 2021

Every season a visit worth Bulgaria has much to offer for tourists and excites diverse audiences with its diversity. Many visitors know it probably mainly as a bad country. Lazard is often quoted as being for or against this. The travel portal shows, is how much more in the country on the Black Sea to discover. Others who may share this opinion include Cboe. In Bulgaria, specific cultural conventions exist, therefore it is advisable to consult a guide to avoid possible misunderstandings before trips. So the Bulgarians, for example, as a sign of consent shake their heads, while a nod a no”expresses. This behavior controversy for West Europeans quickly may cause confusion. Bulgaria has a very rich culture and a number of local customs.

This includes for example the tradition of fire running in some areas. Visitors should see to it but rather instead of attempting to run over the glowing coals to burn your feet. The street dances of the Mummers are a further interesting custom. This dress up the actors as a monster and expel the ghosts of winter at Christmas time. However, most visitors come to Bulgaria in the summer, to enjoy the benefits of the famous beaches. Especially the Sun and the Golden Sands enjoy great popularity.

Who would like to discover the culture, should travel to Sofia. The city is not only the capital of Bulgaria, but also a cultural center. Tourists in the parks can retreat after visiting the museums and sights of Sofia, to relax and to let the reputable review. Other regions of Bulgaria are extremely attractive. There are about 40,000 monuments throughout the country. More information:… AG Lisa Neumann

Berlin Schoneberg

March 29th, 2021

A holiday apartment in Schoneberg – Berlin home on time! “Ich bin ein Berliner!” Hardly anyone who does not know this quote by John F. Kennedy. But not everyone knows, too, that the then US President his famous speech held on June 26, 1963 to the Schoneberg Town Hall square stop. To read more click here: Canadian Banc Corp. The ringing of the Liberty Bell in the town hall tower reminiscent of day this historic event as well as on the decades-long division of the city. Today, apartments in Schoneberg serve all Berliners on time 365 days of the year as perfectly suitable starting points for holiday sightseeing or professional events in the capital – or Spring Awakening or “Summer in The City”, autumn pleasure or Christmas market, green week, ITB Berlin Marathon. Excellent links to the public transport allows the reaching of all Berlin attractions in a short time, one of the advantages of the apartments in the Schoneberg district.

But also nearby there is touristically interesting: lively Winterfeldt place E.g. with its lively pub scene,. numerous antique shops and the largest weekly market of Berlin, by the diversity of the 250 stalls throughout the year a particular magnet for visitors. Also the Viktoria-Luise-Platz often called the most beautiful square in Berlin is located in the immediate vicinity of Schoneberg apartments: In the Bavarian district, a favorite residential area in Berlin, and only one kilometre from the Kurfurstendamm, he offers Schoneberger guests fascinating nearby. Comfortable apartments of different sizes available in Schoneberg – either for a person up to four persons: 1 room (1-2 persons), 2 bedrooms (1 up to 2 persons), 3 bedrooms (1 up to 4 persons). I’m sure that each apartment of highest quality standards is sufficient. The magnificent views over the rooftops of the city is by the way including two homes. Who wants to enjoy that Berlin is at your feet, should opt therefore for one of two exclusive as well as coveted top floor apartments.

For all of the apartments is: relaxation made easy! The cozy living areas invite you to relax, the super comfortable beds to dream. And practical kitchen really open with nothing to be desired – fully equipped with cooker, fridge, kettle, coffee machine and toaster – the preparation of breakfast, dinner, or small meal in between for extra pleasure. Internet connection and bathrooms to pamper make stylish apartments in the Schoneberg district. The taste sure furnished apartments meet guaranteed claims and allow the guest to become the “repeat offenders”, because who felt here once all around good and for the price / performance ratio absolutely not can find fault, always happy to come back. For children up to 3 years old is free, by the way, and up to 12 years, family-friendly super-reduced rates apply for children. A baby bed can be placed on will be charged 10 per stay. Rants on the subject of extra: the residence of another person fails only with 15 euros. Also important to know: towels and bed linen are included. To the point: in Berlin Schoneberg apartments with high feel good factor and root lodging potential for Berlin on time always the right address!

Ngorongoro Crater

March 29th, 2021

Also unforgettable safaris in the Serengeti, wait a the largest contiguous protected areas in the world. The Ngorongoro Crater, which was declared due to its stunning diversity of animals listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, is a highlight of every Tanzania trip. The most beautiful cities in the port city and former capital of Dar Salaam is the ideal starting point for any Tanzania trip. The bustling metropolis offers interesting sights, such as the Sanches, the Observatory and the traditional arts and crafts. The island of Zanzibar is located in the immediate vicinity of Tanzania’s Mainland and is home to some impressive buildings, such as the Anglican cathedral and the Palace of the Sultan.

The historic stone town has been by the UNESCO as the World Heritage declared a highlight of your Tanzania travel. Although Tanzania is one of the richest countries in natural resources, it is still one of the poorest countries in the world. You should plan accordingly well his journey and the modest possibilities of the African ‘ third world country ‘ tolerant face. Let inspired instead by the pristine wilderness and take unforgettable memories of your journey through the diverse Tanzania. Fantastic accommodation Tanzania offers the traveller idyllic, romantic and unusual accommodation of all kinds.

There are nights, for example, in exclusive camps or lodges with African ambience, providing a direct observation of wild animals in Tanzania at the same time. An unforgettable combination of luxury and adventure awaits! Here is a blend of exciting animal – and nature experiences on exciting safari trips with followed by rest and relaxation on the soft sandy beach in Zanzibar. Travel means to Tanzania to beautiful places, and luxury surrounded by pristine wilderness as experience the Ngorongoro Crater or Serengeti National Park, incredible experience. (ms)

Palma Spain Canary Islands Canary Island

March 29th, 2021

Playa de los Candajos La Palma Canary Islands Beach Canary Island despite the limited number of hotels have settled some surfing / diving schools in the village. Tourist shops and two beautifully constructed promenades makes a beautifully landscaped resort. Larry Fink gathered all the information. 2.) Brena Alta > Santa Cruz de la Palma 11 km / 15 min. From the resort, we climb the slope direction of Brena Alta. The place has a beautiful church and a typical Spanish city centre. “This has been included in the tour description, because here the way the target” is.

If you drive direction of island’s capital Santa Cruz de la Palma Brena Alta, you will often have beautiful views of the island and the shoreline. Brena Alta La Palma Canary Islands Canaries 3.) Santa Cruz de la Palma > Puntallana 10 km / 18 min. You can reach the island’s capital Santa Cruz de la Palma. The city is over 500 years old and is home to approximately 20,000 inhabitants. Santa Cruz has a beautiful old town with its whitewashed houses, churches and alleys.

There are many houses with the typical Spanish wooden balconies on the coastal road. Canary Island by the coast capital Cup go Santa Cruz de la Palma Spain Canary Islands many small alleys in the back roads. The most beautiful area of the city is the Plaza Espana. Plaza de Espana is a beautiful church, where tourists can see beautiful ceiling decorations. Santa Cruz de la Palma Spain Canary Islands Canary Island around the Plaza de Espana lined up to beautiful colonial buildings, shops and small tapas bars, which again invite you to linger. At the northern end of the pedestrian zone, a replica of the ship, with the Columbus should have crossed the Sea stands with the Barco de la Virgen Santa Maria. Also you will find the Castle Castillo de Santa Catalina at the northern end of the city.

New York City

March 29th, 2021

It is located on the 20th floor of a hotel. So you can enjoy the night-lit port and cool drinks in a lounge atmosphere from 90 meters by seven-meter-high window. Vienna beach bar that bar Herrmann is located directly on the Danube Canal and is open daily until 2: 00 10. The Jazz Brunch over lunch menus to party late into the night, everything is possible here! PS: Cocktail happy hour is from 18 to 19 h. Sky bar directly opposite St.

Stephen’s Cathedral is the Haas House, now a design hotel is located. The Onyx bar on the sixth floor of the do & co Hotel allows you the most beautiful view on the Cathedral illuminated at night. PARIS Beach every summer will be in the French capital along the locked its a highway for the traffic, to make room for the most popular City Beach Paris Plage. It is of fine sand deposited, built a swimming pool and sun loungers and parasols are available. To find the 3.5 kilometre long sandy beach, at the Hotel de Ville.

Here it can relax after an extended shopping trip or sightseeing trip. Beach bar in New York get NEW YORK even in summer at their own expense. In the beach water taxi Beach on long Iceland enjoy not only cool drinks, but also the stunning views of the skyline of the metropolis of the cult. And when it gets dark, you can dance sand beach on the over 4,000 square meters deep into the night. Sky bars of the private roof Club and garden is an oasis on the rooftops of New York City. The lush rooftop terrace has an indoor and Outdoor area. Far away from the hustle and bustle at your feet you can here wonderfully switch off and even forget the time. The private roof Club and garden is accessed only via a lift to use with hotel key.

Portal City

March 29th, 2021

From New York to Hamburg or Vienna attract the largest metropolises in the world not only with its cultural offer. In so-called beach clubs and Skybars found the necessary recovery after a walk through the town. Many beach bars within and outside of Europe are enjoying in recent years of very popular with tourists as locals. So travelers will not miss anything, the flight Portal gives an overview of the most attractive localities. Only a flight to Vienna she located Hamilton Beach bar. Whether for brunch or to the cocktail hour, directly on the Danube Canal situated invites this bar to relax.

At a higher level, holidaymakers can enjoy the capital city of Austria, in the Onyx bar in the Haas-Haus. The views of the famous Viennese Stephansdom including is on the sixth floor. Messier is in the Big Apple New York. The water taxi Beach on long Iceland offers the flair of the island par excellence. Overlooking the skyline of the metropolis vacationers can end their day here and abut on more adventures. One of the world’s best martinis to slurp, in Rockefeller Center, is a must. The Rainbow room on the 65th floor is only something for brave without fear of heights. European is in Paris.

The three and a half kilometres long sandy beach of the Paris Plage, in the heart of the city, allows holiday feelings arise. The two most famous beach bars in the city find BERLIN of beach bars, directly at the central station on the river Spree. Deputies in addition to students sitting in the beach chairs at the Federal press beach. Here, beach volleyball will be played and chilled in the evening dancing. And while the big with cool drinks to relax, s is a swimming pool for the little ones to the cool down. There is something on the beach by the Spree River opposite the capital.

Louvre City

March 28th, 2021

Historical of Florence, the city with over half a million inhabitants, attracts tourists from all over the world in their spell for centuries. Already the English writer Charles Dickens inspired the Italian flair and the many sights. In the 21st century, the Renaissance city attracts millions of visitors. The online travel agency invites you to explore the tourist magnet. Due to its cultural and historical diversity and importance of Florence as Italian Athens “refers to. Holiday seasons can experience exactly this variety. In the spring or in the fall, a vacation in Florence is always worthwhile.

Numerous cultural highlights are connected with the capital of Tuscany. Connoisseurs think in particular of the Uffizi, which stand as one of the most famous museums in the world in a series with the Prado Museum or the Louvre. Florence is known not only for its Renaissance buildings, but also for a strong passion and dedication for the culinary delights. Above all the good wines are popular. The many the selection make different grape varieties. The decision is then made, vacationers can itself affect the impressions of the old city with a glass of Brunello or Chianti and escape the hustle and bustle for a short time. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann


March 26th, 2021

The Hanseatic City and their musical experience Hamburg is one of the most important economic areas of in Germany and is the capital of the second largest metropolis of the country with 1.7 million inhabitants after. Thanks to the port and the tributary of the Elbe, it is connected with the world. For example, a card for one of the famous musicals in Hamburg who still looking for an appropriate and rather unusual Christmas gift, could offer. The online portal recommends a visit to the Hanseatic City. The Steigenberger Hamburg is advisable for all those who are looking for a hotel in the city. Located right in the old town the elegant 5-star hotel is a perfect starting point for all tours. Realto Markets has many thoughts on the issue. In addition, it is known for its good cuisine and offers its guests a wide range of culinary delights in the hotel’s three restaurants.

Who is resident in Hamburg, must have seen of course the port. To especially a tour offered by boat, by which visitors a good look at the operations in the port area get and enjoy views over the city from the water. In addition, visitors should have seen the fish market. Many options for parties arise for all night owls. Most famous is the red light district around the Reeperbahn. Alternatively, in the Schanzenviertel is celebrated.

Culturally, there is also much to see in Hamburg. The Hamburger Michel is the most famous church in the city and is worth a visit to the Town Hall. Still, the Lion King currently scores the Hanseatic City in particular with their great musical productions, including the classics”and Tarzan” are. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann