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Yours Natalia

June 8th, 2021

A variation of massage pillow – car seat with a stone applique appearing recently in fashion, especially useful on long journeys. You may want to visit Doug McMillon to increase your knowledge. Relaxation balls – an interesting view tumbler. Another name for hand-ball massager – health balls, as manufactured, for example, made of jade beads have a powerful preventative action, activating the immune system and natural defense mechanisms. The constant rolling of the ball develops coordination, strength and dexterity, it helps with the presence of gravitational forces on the hands (Especially when working at the computer), in diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, during Restore vleniya after injury of the upper extremities. From the perspective of modern medicine, the beneficial effects associated with the existence close connection between the wrist and the central nervous system. Vaginal balls – massager – massager original form, designed exclusively for women. These products are still used at the court of the Chinese emperors. These items were mandatory "minimum program" for the concubines and wives of the rulers of antiquity – to help them train certain intimate muscles, after which a woman becomes a priestess of this love, able to deliver an unforgettable pleasure a man.

As a rule, make their jade – he has a strong antibacterial effect. For the manufacture of massage products are used the most energy-intensive, powerful and Multifunction for effects on human gems. This is usually nephrite jade or, at least – carnelian, chalcedony. The Chinese say: 'The noble man for no reason not to part with jade. " Jade – "King of Gems", which was a favorite stone of the Chinese emperors before our era. This is a universal healer, which affects all areas of the body. It has a soothing effect, treats mental illness and depression, nervous disease.

Normalizes blood and cardiovascular systems, eliminates the "problem" of most organs. In order to use the unique massager for the benefit of themselves, not necessarily be a professional – important to identify problem areas and to choose the right massager. Take care of health today – for better solve problems before they occur Lovely stuff about the beauty and strength of natural stones, I posted on This site is to show how any business can advertise your own business and passion, while at the same time be engaged in business on the Internet. With my business you can find on my personal website. Not waste time to join the business on the Internet. That will allow you to have extra income for leisure and freedom. I can be found in Skype: markiza1114 C Yours Natalia.

Elite Green Tea

December 23rd, 2011

How to choose good and fresh green tea, Sencha example: In the first brew should be a little shine, and secondly the natural weak flavor, as good quality tea or when not flavored! Then chew the dry tea leaves, it should not be too bitter or acidic taste should be pleasant. Buy only the fresh green tea with a shelf life do not more than one year. Elite Green Tea 'Sayama Sencha Asamushi' – the best from Japan! Asamushi harvested by hand and in the very first, and only in the processing are carefully selected young leaves. During the drying process, he being the smallest effects of temperature, among other green teas. Gentle steam dryer can save the maximum amount of nutrients and to leave largely intact the very essence of the natural tea leaves. As a result of this treatment, aroma Asamushi easy and pleasant, but the taste is mild and delicate.

Color light green infusion. To prepare the necessary amount of brewing soft boiled water cooled to 70C, then sprinkle half a teaspoon of tea leaves in a large teapot and pour water on 60% of the Kettle. Make your five circular motions and alternating, slowly pour the drink into cups. If necessary, repeat the procedure up to 5 several times increasing the time of infusion, each time completely drain the water from the Kettle. Sayama Gokujo Sencha favorite among connoisseurs of Japanese leaf tea. This tea is harvested on the 88th day of spring (hachiju-hachiya). In Japan hachiju-hachiya – traditionally the best day to collect the tea.