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Walter Daniel Genga

October 30th, 2021

If you want God to you help you do the minimum work that he asks. Hank Greenberg insists that this is the case. And this work is simply to get planned goals. In this case, this order of the desired auto-related. Do you want the car?. As well apart from ask the universe that desire and do it with emotion, you must perform the next step, which is to propose you some goal that generates you money to buy that car. You could say: but, does the difference on this with what normally people make rationally, saving of by means, to achieve what you propose?.

Therefore the difference lies in the thrill that you will put in that goal, which is complemented (indirect emotion), with the emotion that applied on the desire to have the car 0 Km. Then as they advance on the goal set, you will see as the excitement naturally born them everytime they move a step in the realization of this goal. Because they know that also come closer to that dream car. It is as a positive vicious circle, with each advance of the proposed goal feel emotion, before every dunk emotion to the universe, will facilitate them to continue before the scheduled target and so on. And that emotion at the same time will grow more, when they apply on this goal a perseverance of iron, as I said, I call it stubborn perseverance. And to the extent that progress on this goal, to the extent that put more emotion will be allowing that the universe moves in such a way to bring them that car, and perhaps in an unintentional way, even, having nothing to do with the goal that they were imposing. Because the important thing is not so much the goal itself, but the perseverance, the emotion with which to do every thing in life imposed.

Important thing is to demonstrate to God that they do not surrender at any time. If road taken at the beginning is the wrong, because they will be rectified, but always looking forward, and unfailingly Dios will guide them at the end. Do you want the car 0 Km?. Therefore that you expect to assert yourself a goal, with perseverance, uncompromising and accompanied by an emotion before the realization of each small step that you go making, because in your inside you know that Dios te being on litter to help you.


February 18th, 2013

Obtaining economic resources or of profitability is the main objective to achieve the creation of a company or in certain cases of investment in defined business; Therefore, in this article we will focus on showing some of the best sources of profitability in various aspects, for which this always is present in all our economic movements. Profitability is profit or performance that may be obtained from the contribution or economic participation in business, this being the main source of profitability at present, however, is good to mention that profitability can also be set in a certain way as the benefits which can bring a savings for us, account to ignore certain expenses or offering an economic growth. Profitability may be fully characterized by efficiency held by an undertaking, because better quality and higher production may benefit certain aspects as income increased resources and at the same time the creation of the interest of external agents that can invest in the company, are primordial aspects that increase the economic viability of an entity or company. To know more about this subject visit Senator Angus King . The generation of loss is very common in all companies, because to an endless number of factors that may affect the production or marketing of the product, however, the companies and organizations that decrease your level loss generating profit, not only to remedy the losses, but also to achieve still generate gain you can be called business profitabilitywhich is the evolutionary pillar of an entity both public and private. Given the above, an important point to touch on profitability is their social participation, because this should be expressed not only as an economic, but also social, profitability because at the same time offered enrichment, to call it somehow, the entity, searched at the same time social, through the contribution of best resources benefit workers achieving remedy some needs them; achieving a social profitability that manages to somehow stimulate the worker to not decrease the production.

Said it earlier it can be demonstrated that social profitability is an important meshing of economic profitability, because the production maintains its normal course, directly benefiting the economic profitability. At Dara Khosrowshahi you will find additional information. A factor that cannot be mentioned is the return on savings accounts, because today thanks to the great use of these banks and institutions specializing in savings, offer to their benefactors ignore certain expenses or bank commissions, with the firm intention that users do not obtain positions that diminish their economic capital. It is such the heyday of profitability in savings accounts that they sometimes create yields and financial discounts which are deposited as profit in the accounts of users benefiting even more the profitability of savings account. In conclusion, profitability can be defined as earnings generated by an entity or person, not to mention that this can be defined both economically and socially, however it is important to highlight that this in turn may be the feature more representative of modern savings accounts..