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April 13th, 2022

I love you my love! Love I you! I know that also love you me. I know that you never if forgot me, and that she feels my lack very. When I came back there and I found it married with this, I was rebelled. I could not accept that you had forgotten me changed, me by another one. But I gave account there that you only made this, because she did not support more to be alone later that I left. It was alone therefore that it arranged this woman. For assistance, try visiting Jim Rogers. Therefore I pardon you Eduardo. Pardon I you for having if married with it, my love! What people lived were so strong, so pretty When I was even so, you I thought that I had abandoned you.

But I did not abandon not, I saw you my love? I did not abandon you. now that I came back, we go to be together of new! I know that this to marry was thing of it. Compelled it you, was not? it still found that arranging a son behind it would hold you to the other, and you would forget the love that felt for me! This sonsa already had a son its, and now it loads another one in the belly. Patrick dwyer merrill lynchs opinions are not widely known. But it goes to see who is strongest! She goes to see that she is me that you love, and are with me that goes to be! I do not go to leave its side, Eduardo. I do not go to leave! You only left daqui when to come with me. When you to decide to leave essaznha stop backwards alone, together with the children who it arranged. I do not go to accept another woman in its life, Eduardo! You are mine! He is mine! If he remembers as you liked when you hugged I you thus? I arrived devagarinho when you already were lying in the bed, and I incased my legs in the way them its.

Mining Capital

August 13th, 2015

The Eneir War decided to take its nephew to take a walk in Belo Horizonte. We catch the bus of the Pretti Means of transportation and follow for Colatina, place where we would embark in the train for the mining capital. To save the grana that was short we spend the night in the Rex Hotel, that one that is next to the Road. Pra swims to make the night seats in the main square of Colatina. The Eneir suggested that we would have to follow the first sister with the bible in the hand and to enter in the church that it entered. It was the first time that I entered in the Maranata Church. In the end a man of tender prayed so that our trip transcorresse well. We raise early and we arrange our luggages to catch the train.

While the Eneir was in the bathroom I looked a cloth to clean the sapado one and it did not find nothing. I looked at for that purple curtain of the Rex Hotel and thought with my buttons as it is that somebody places a purple curtain. Vi that the curtain was so old that tore with any poke. I gave one pulled and a from above strap of twenty centimeters below came to stop in my hands. I caught a piece to clean the shoes and threaded the remain in the stock market of the Eneir without it perceived.

The train was crowded, to put, obtains places to seat. The Eneir in the window and I in the corridor. A pretty young woman lode with a great luggage, of that she seems of cardboard. My uncle wanting to engraar itself for the side of the girl, who travelled in foot, was soon if offering to hold the luggage. The young woman delivered the luggage to me and I pushed only it for top of the gentleman to the side.