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USD Daily Resistance

September 21st, 2023

In my opinion, the major currencies traded in a wide range, in a few days, when to disclose financial details of the plan, and could break the trend with the greenback for any sense. The pound fell after highs in the 1.7634 area for later traded in the 1.7500 area. I believe that the area of 1.7300 would be a buying opportunity in the short term. The euro fell as the GBP, prowling the area of 1.3700, with an estimated reach the European currency area of 1.3500 shortly. The USD / JPY remained close to 103.00 for most of the morning, and the stock market declined in some degree. It was reported that operating volumes were low during the rally. Recorded in New York values in the area of 101.49. The USD / Swiss Franc failed to extend its gains above the 1.1400 area; recorded highs in the 1.1388 area to finish at the 1.1320 area.

The USD / Canadian Dollar rallied after Friday, with values in the area of 1.1600 towards the close, in my opinion this was due only to panic and buy dollars. It is estimated that the pair will remain volatile. Without hesitation Expedia explained all about the problem. In my view, the volatility in major currencies obvious lack of market confidence. With an improvement in the stock market, which stumbles towards the end, revealed the lack of real progress in the financial field, despite the promise of States to intervene and improve it. GBP / USD Daily Resistance 3: 1.7720 Resistance 2: 1.7680 Resistance 1: 1.7630/40 New York: 1.7438 Support 1: 1.7440 Support 2: 1.7380 Support 3: 1.7300 The pair fell, after recovery, may reach a level of support in the 1.7380 area, would be a point of purchase.