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Linking Business And Politics

September 26th, 2023

The political consulting is not just monitoring all political, national and international decision-making in our company or business. It is much more than that: it is to work directly with various politicians, governments and social actors, with the aim of making improvements to promote laws and agreements that promote the growth of our business. This is, in theory very attractive, but in practice it is difficult for any entrepreneur, more if small, to enter the ring to expose their political proposals, suggestions, complaints, strategies, among others. And that is where they enter the political consulting services. With laws passed as the sausages, it is better not to see themselves: Otto von Bismark Licenciado Gustavo Almaraz, director general of Policy Strategy Group (EPG) considers that they can enrich the proposals from lawmakers across the political consulting because "it is a political analysis problem, in order to devise strategies to establish a lobbying with the Congress or the executive branch. "Although, so you can be the dialogue between business / civil society and legislators, is required much tact," to enter Congress requires a policy advice, as it will deal with politicians, so that the orientation of the groups that wish to enter must be political, that is where the consultancy: we are political operators of the other issues, "considering the Almaraz licensed. Meanwhile, the lawyer in July Capuano, Corporate Liaison Company (specializing in political analysis, considers the main objective of this type of consulting services the "tools and provide elements for decision making by the client its political activity. Follow others, such as urban treatment associates, and add to your knowledge base. .