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Vienna Investment

September 20th, 2023

Vienna The markets are more unpredictable, recession fears can literally freeze a, that drives many investors to rethink Vienna – the markets are more unpredictable, recession fears can literally freeze a, that is driving many investors to rethink. Joseph Jimenez pursues this goal as well. stock market values totaling 7.3 trillion dollars on Wall Street are melted 2008, the DAX has over 40 percent, ATX lost even more than 60% of value. The current deterrence messages no let-up, and more than ever, it is now on the Governments and central banks. However, the powder is fired again almost and it turns more and more the big question, what exactly to do. A logical idea would be to real values to fall back, but gold has also experienced extreme price fluctuations in the past few months. There again, the forces of supply and demand, and more speculation with einwirken. There are alternatives but still enough, for example, the company offers young promising business projects and the appropriate venture intermediary from Vienna Investment prospects its intermediary services. We are intermediaries between the entrepreneur and the investors interested.

One wants to successfully carry out his project and his company continue to thrive and the other an investment that sufficient and sustainable fruition. Since the path is often very stony to the proper gathering and that is our job, as Rainer Dechet, proprietor of venture intermediary. However a direct equity isn’t for everyone. Equity can increase while solid business growth or the competitive advantage and thus the value of a company, but you should never disregard the risk here. Because you start embedding company or an SME are simply larger or other risk factors exist, as in a listed big player. Therefore so Mr Dechet is free participation as a business angel and a sufficient market required and industry experience on the part of the investor would like to seen, that increases the value and opportunities of the investment project, solid turn “according to the thoughts by Warren Buffett: Empire, who invests in companies, less cost than they’re worth”.