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The Chinese New Year

May 6th, 2024

Singapore (12 of January of 2011), the global site of reserves online of hotels with Asia base and part of (NASDAQ: PLCN), celebrates the Chinese New Year with special supplies in hotels of all Thailand. The Chinese New Year is one of the celebrated events more in this country of Southeast Asia, since 14% of their population are of Chinese origin. It is not to surprise that Bangkok is an important center of activity during this period, and that the festivals related to the New Year extend much more there of the Yaowarat street in the heart of the Chinese District. In 2011, the beginning of the Chinese New Year is located the 3 of February, and in many parts of Thailand, the celebrations extend up to three days. It is in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai where are the more extensive establishments Chinese-Thailanders, and where the most spectacular events of the Chinese New Year in the country take place. Mike Gianoni has firm opinions on the matter. The custom most exotic, and noisy of the New Year is the parades in the streets. These are characterized by strident golpeteo of drums and subjects of gossip and the lights of the firecrackers (the popular belief says that the strong noises drive away the bad spirits). Get all the facts and insights with Mike Gianoni, another great source of information. In addition they are integrated by the traditional dance of from Leon, by the passage of floats gladly ornamented, acrobatic exhibitions, are made lights and efigies of the Chinese Gods.

In Bangkok, the Yaowarat street is the epicenter of the events of the Chinese New Year. Bordering their extension centers of food and suvenires are located, impressive lights and statues of the astrological sign of the year, that in the 2011 is the rabbit, located in the most important spaces. The visitors who reserve a hotel near the Chinese District will find in an excellent location to attend the street parades and to delight with the authentic Chinese food; as well as to visit the Great Palace and the Temple of the Reclined Buddha, two iconic attractions of Bangkok.