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Pilots and Flight Computers

October 17th, 2012

Constantly the pilot, or the flight computer, is running the course. But what allows them to correct? You cannot do nothing before which you are not conscious. You only can straighten what it give account you that is off the track. But the conscience taking is the result of a process of previous thought: the evaluation between the plan and the facts. We return to the airplane.

We summarize the process. The pilot designs his flight plan. The airplane takes off and quickly it begins to turn aside itself by unpredictable situations. Quickly the pilot or his computer realizes the deviation, thanks to the fact that with certain frequency they are comparing the plan with the real trajectory. Immediately the correction is made to reincorporate the ship to the ideal route.

That process repeats hundreds or thousands of times until it is landed right where it was wanted. The process includes: Clarificar the destiny to which it is desired to arrive and to plan the best route to reach it. Comenzar to execute the plan. Evaluar constantly to detect deviations. Corregir immediately. Seguir executing the plan. Perseverar with the evaluation, correction and execution of the plan until reaching the destiny. Of we can here emphasize several keys: The deviations are anticipated. They are hoped and accepted like natural part of the process. By this same one, the evaluation is continuous and frequents. You later imagine that the flight computer is disconnected and that the pilot puts itself to speak with the copilot for, two hours, suddenly to feel curiosity by its present position? A pair of hours later what began now like a simple deviation of a degree it represents hundreds or thousands of kilometers of deviation. Two hours later it can be behind schedule to try to correct. By this, the evaluation is not fortuitous nor random, but one divides integral of the strategy.