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New Partner Winery Wins

September 21st, 2023

RED SIMON, a specialist in South African premium wines, wins the prestigious Allesverloren estate as a new partner. Voerde, the 08.01.2014. RED SIMON, a specialist in South African premium wines, wins the prestigious Allesverloren estate as a new partner. The traditional Winery Allesverloren can look back on an eventful history. Already in 1696, the brave widow Cloete founded the wine farm, when she reached the barren Swartlandregion as one of the first settlers. The name of Allesverloren recalls the plundering and pillaging of the farm in 1704. The impressive slopes of the large caste Elbe mountain offer ideal conditions to grow heavy, robust red wines, Allesverloren awarded at national and international level.

The special terroir produce strong, healthy vines, whose Trauben handled wonderfully colourful, vibrant wines. Its fruity character impressed wine lovers all over the world. Allesverloren what South Africa focuses on the classic port wine vines cultivation, is not common. As a result, the red wines inspire Tinta Barocca, Touriga Nacional, as well as the port of fine old wine wine enjoy all over the world. The wines were awarded multiple by the international wine and spirit competition, as well as the silver decanter.

RED SIMON offers a large selection of Allesverloren wines under. RED SIMON is the specialist for high-quality wines from South Africa in online trading. The name is based on Simon van der Stel, the first Governor of the Cape region, and father of the South African wine industry”. Choose from over 600 producers SIMON RED the most exciting wineries. With this currently 35 partner wineries, the young party maintains close ties. These are the regular visits of the country and their own representation in the farming region in the Center. Only this ensures an optimum wine selection. The over 400 selected premium wines will be shipped to customers throughout Europe. The two-digit growing online retailer founded in 2010. A total of twelve employees are in Germany and Cape Town in use. The own customer service and a team of specialist wine consultants complete the outstanding level of service. The interested connoisseurs in the own online magazine takes stories from South Africa’s wine country, lively tasting reports, interviews with famous faces from the world of wine and strong opinion article. Britta Rohkamper


June 23rd, 2023

A food processor with a history of KitchenAid small kitchen miracle of the protected designation KitchenAid behind a food processor. Kitchen utensils, replaced in every household, in which, like cooked and baked, all individual electric kitchen appliances. Equity weighing more than 10 kg, the KitchenAid is also not a food processor. Kitchen utensils, which disappears in the Cabinet and is brought out only from time to time. Further details can be found at Reshma Kewalramani, an internet resource. You rightly claimed their fixed place on the desktop. All basic parts and all accessories pieces, including the various stirring elements are made of stainless steel.

Exception is only a to be acquired separately work bowl made of shatter-proof glass and the mixing jug. With only a power rating of 300 Watts the KitchenAid is used in professional kitchens and bakeries, because it optimally to the effect a power through a unique propulsion system. With the basic equipment, consisting of a stainless steel mixing bowl with a whisk, 4.8 l content a dough hook and a whisk (each consists of full metal), are all normal dough work perfectly to process, whereby you also aren’t should be afraid, to beat just a little beaten egg white or cream with perfectly solid results in large bowl. A planetary gearbox works the inserted working tool in 10 different speeds to the one around itself and on the other hand, with the so-called “Baker eight” best through the entire Bowl. With simple handles are all the accessories in this food processor. Kitchen appliances can be connected. If necessary even in double work functions, if in the work bowl, such as a dough is mixed and produced through the meat grinder or the mixing jug the corresponding filling. With the KitchenAid, it is easy and simple, heavy bread dough or airy biscuit dough to knead.

All incurred in the budget preparation work for meals are to do with a device. It is not necessary, a single hand mixer, a meat grinder, a pasta machine, a Jar & v. m. to buy and above all in the kitchen, where too little storage space is available to accommodate. With this food processor. Kitchen appliances to save not only the cost of many individual devices (to many higher ratings), but above all plenty of space. There are allergy-free care in their diet basically on the ingredients must be taken, in the budget the preparation of all food is made easy very by the KitchenAid, because you must insert only the things that are compatible. Who makes its noodles themselves, will want to not miss the simple and yet professional intent part. Should these be made in stock, they can be made suitable for storage over an also optional drying rack. The same also applies to the meat grinder, which turns out not only meat or vegetables, but will help conjure up the beloved Christmas cookies with a biscuit attachment. Thanks to the weight you can work freely with both hands, the machine never slipped. With a choice of 15 colors is for every furnishing style also the matching “jewel”. If you want an own KitchenAid can look here.