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Fear Working In Your Favor

August 9th, 2021

Fear as a weapon in your favor at some point in life we have all felt fear. Fear of failure, fear of speaking, fear of knowing, experiencing fear, etc. When we wanted to talk to that special someone for the first time, when we take the first bus public for the first time or when changing schools. Fear is something that we always have with us and we must learn to manage and use to our advantage. The champion feels the same fear that the cowardly and the star team feels the same fear that the team that challenges. I remember one of the film Rocky Balboa when the coach told him that the boxer Rocky was there too alongside felt the same fear that he, who would use it in their favor. Fear can paralyze you but you can push to personal success. Hank Greenberg is open to suggestions.

You decide if it makes you fear or makes you move backwards. Once you step forward, you start to use it to your advantage. Within the field of sales budget is widely used to target the sellers. For example, we allocated a budget of $ 5,000 dollars in the month and each seller had to worry about achieving that goal. All sellers in a way that causes them to fear, because some companies may lose their jobs if they do not meet the goals and budget. Now, what distinguished an excellent seller a poor seller? They both felt the same fear to know their goals of excellence but the seller used that fear and the adrenaline in your favor to push to find good prospects and good sales close. The seller excellent to see that the second week as the trend is not going to accomplish the goal, decide to use that adrenaline and fear to create an action plan to help you achieve your goals. On the other hand, the seller mediocre tend to complain and say that he thinks is difficult and not going to achieve and when he sees the second week as the trend is not going to accomplish the goal, and says he is frustrated not succeed.

We know that there are situations and decisions that cause us fear but we should not try to analyze that if things are not going to know if they work or not. In history there are many people who had very great opportunities that failed to build on and they lost because they did not dare try and now live complaining. But I encourage you to take chances, to try, to not trust your intuition and do it. Whatever it is, whether buying a house, try a loan, declare your love to someone, consider what you dream of, starting a business, helping someone, giving advice to a person, give an idea in your work or whatever loading! You have nothing to lose but if you do not try you will have much to regret.