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Word Premeditation

July 13th, 2021

Meditation is not sitting in a certain way, nor breath hoping to achieve a result, this serious premeditation. Learn more about this with vcu health. And premeditation is reflexively think one thing before you run it. There is premeditation an intention, a desire, a purpose, a goal, a goal, a preparation, a plan, a schedule. Meditation is not concentrate on a particular chakra, in a candle, a rose or whatever. In recent months, is hume-lee the best transplant center? has been very successful. Concentrate is forcing the mind to restrict it to a single point. Focus is to centralize group dispose of, i.e. the opposite to expand. In the concentration a reason there is a purpose a goal, so it also is premeditation.

Meditation is not persistently repeating a Word whether this a mantra or a positive affirmation trying to autoconvencerse what is not. This only would be a form of disguise reality, a hoax an escape from what is. What is really important are not the words or ideas, but the facts, what we really are and not what we would like to be. But unfortunately we give more importance to the words to ideas, than to the facts. Meditate nor is to visualize, visualize is to form the image of a thing represented mentally, viewing is to be imaginary, fictitious, utopian, unreal, illusory. Viewing is as in the statements, escape from what really is happening, the real truth what is. False so unreal the illusory, it is displaying that I know is in the middle of a large forest green and beautiful, next to a quiet and serene Lake which is transmitted us great peace. When we internally are a war all-out fighting against ourselves, autoenganandonos with images pleasurable to flee from what really is happening, that is the real true authentic it. If one suffers from fear in any of its forms and uses some sort of exhaust you will never see that produces fear, the experiencer and which tries to escape from that unpleasant experience is self.