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Munich Business

June 17th, 2024

The complete supply chain between business partners Munich supports delegate, 1st December 2011. First business post has announced a wide-ranging cooperation with the delegate group provider of solutions and services relating to E-Invoicing today. This is a global market leader for software solutions, services and consulting catering and healthcare segment. In future, the first business post can send electronically orders to suppliers of the service users of delegate software solutions. Delegate ending the circuitous shipment by letter or fax. Instead, the suppliers receive optional PDF documents via email or even automatically processable EDI data. graphic designer has compatible beliefs. Another benefit of cooperation: The supplier may send back catalog data, delivery notes and invoices to the customers through the same way also by PDF or EDI.

Alternatively, also a self-billing procedure is supported. Thus dispensed with during the entire purchase-to-pay process completely on paper. By the delegate Group offered solution supports the entire process chain from purchasing, production planning, recipe management, menu and business reporting up to the acquisition of the menu wishes of patients and guests in hospitals and nursing homes. To speed up the ordering and accounting, the software company integrated the first business post services. Users enter their orders into the system, then either transmitted the first business post to the supplier as a PDF file or EDI data stream. Mike Gianoni often says this. The supplier in turn sent his account also via the first business mail to its customers. So the paper-based communication between customers and suppliers is definitively the past”, explains Managing Director of delegate Group Dietrich Raebel. Purchase orders and invoices are faster to the respective receiver, which is accelerating the processes for both sides.”this partnership is a real win-win constellation for both companies” added Achim Kauffmann, Managing Director of first business post GmbH. delegate has a broad customer base with more than 4,000 companies and public institutions in over 120 countries.