Student Exchange Book

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“The book provides the research Publisher, specialist for questions relating to the exchange of students, offers valuable decision-making AIDS, tips and reviews offers a school year in the United States with the new book release” valuable guidance, tips, and reviews for students, parents and teachers, who are planning the next school year in the United States or worldwide. The amount of time to spend a school year abroad, is short. It offers to pupils aged between 15 and 18 years. You attend school and live with a host family, which is not paying for accommodation and meals. More than 70 organizations provide such stays, which cost on average around 7,500 euros (United States) in German-speaking countries. This included the preparation, travel costs, school fees, accommodation, and meals for a family.

The actual services are very different. “In the book a year in the United States: Exchange organizations to the test” offer the authors of Christian Gundlach, former exchange student, and Sylvia Schill, student exchange expert, an overview of all German providers. They are closely examined and presented directly comparable. Many tips will help in the decision. Everything for a successful application and optimal preparation, what you can expect for your money, insider knowledge to school, family and friends, check lists with prices, tested individual and short portraits of the organizations can in the guide a school year in the United States”(Christian Gundlach, Sylvia Schill, 9th Edition, ISBN 3-930902-09-5 EUR 14.90) to be read. Experience reports, a forum, and a free newsletter for all those interested in Exchange, complete the offer at. (Sylvia Schill)


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