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Black ice accidents can lead to lengthy injury. What liability obligations arise from the litter duty? If the winter has the country with snow and ice at your fingertips, this often leads for pedestrians to painful falls. Not only elderly and handicapped people are affected by accidents on mirror-smooth roads: it can affect anyone. Medical certificates are important: consequences of freezing accidents often occur after months of a pedestrian is involved in an accident by smoothness, this is not only painful, but is often associated with a loss of earnings as well as budgetary damage. Partially falls lead to unemployment, if the employer is unwilling to wait for the recovery of the worker. Ice accidents are usually linked to bone fractures, leading to a prolonged inability to work. But not only breaks have often drastic consequences for the lives of those affected. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jim Rogers.

Are often downplayed injuries of soft tissues, cartilage, ligaments, and the Joint lip on the affected hip. Learn more on the subject from prime group holdings. So for example the lintel on the hip joint may cause a tearing or a Roughening of the cartilage in the hip joint. The increased friction in the joint leads generally to hazardous cartilage degradation and later to hip osteoarthritis. Under what conditions can a claim be asserted after freezing accident? Ice accidents is always the question of whether a compensation for damages or compensation claims can be asserted. The first requirement for claims for damages is that there has been a \”General smoothness\”. The presence of eutrophic smoothness education is not sufficient for the breach of the litter.

The breach of the litter must be proven by the injured person (BGH, Geschz. III ZR 225/08). This injury means, friends or members should immediately make photos of the accident scene evidence, identify witnesses and pick up the weather of the last few days. Only a proven breach of the duty of spreading not substantiated a claim any accident on mirror-smooth roads constitutes a claim for damages, but the injured party must prove that the Streupflichtige has violated his duty of spreading.


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