South Parity

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Leadership, the institutional framework and the Government are based on principles such as Javier Lajo says: El Kamachiq or mandar obedeciendo organized people, who practiced in each of the communities, very unlike, for example to our Congress of the Republic current and its Prime Minister Mr. Garcia Perez, or as inferred it Mr Vargas Llosa, who believe that Government is a minority that has in its hands the military power with which to impose its political and economic interest. We have not seen an authority that has been subjected to the needs of the people, if not the opposite, has been subjected to the interests of big Capital, as it is the case of his friend Romero who has seized vast tracts of territory to hunt them and planting oil palm, and I say predator because it has destroyed the original forest, with extreme consequences for ecosystems. They know it but they prefer the personal and group interest in the interest of all mankind itself. The other principle is the Confederal, in which each nationality is autonomous but integrated a subsidiary authority, which does not exist by the division that made the Liberal Creoles of Bolivar and Sucre; precisely if had not flourished did so, would have perhaps grown the threat to liberalism as ideological conception of the bourgeoisie. Precisely there is the vision of the nascent bourgeoisie and their ideologues to hinder social development of peoples, because as had been happening the development of Andean Peoples, was a threat to the nascent seizure of power by the bourgeoisie in the former colonies in the territory of the South of the new continent. The last principle is parity, which has to be applied to the other principles, like for example there is a male ruler and a woman ruler, an elderly man and a young man, to what Javier Lajo called them as: Hanansayas – Hurinsayas what is summarized in apply to governance the four parities of the balance: balance of parity Sociedad-Individuo.

Balance of parity Humanos-Naturaleza. Balance of parity Elite-Periferia. Balance of parity Productiva-Reproductiva. This denies what proclaims Mr Vargas Llosa and the same Western philosophy such as we listened to the master Antonio Pena Cabrera is monistic and castrante of the human being. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos Tupac Isaac Autor and source of the article.


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