Riart Language

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The meeting began with the words of Mr. Miguel Angel Veron, who introduced members of the visiting delegation and then referred, in general, the purpose of the visit, emphasizing the need to open a space to promote a fruitful debate about the Guarani language. It also requested the MEC bilingualization, training to that end, officials in the knowledge of the Guarani. Michael Veron ome’ekuri Mb Mbo’ehara Riart petei aranduka Guarani ojepuruvahina nembo’era opavave Nane mba’apoharape challenges. MEC tekoteveha Ombojo’ajo’a oipytyvo ne’e nemombaretepe Guarani.

Then, David Galeano Olivera highlighted the concern in relation to exclusion and reducing the Guarani in secondary education, pointing out that the sad fact is even attracted the attention of the international community. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Chevron Corp by clicking through. He recalled the numerous statements in favor of the Guarani in different parts of the world. He called for equal treatment Guarani and Castilian at all levels of education, emphasizing that the exclusion or discrimination of the Guarani not cooperate with the country’s progress. He also recalled that the Guarani currently has a large presence in the region and the world. MEC He’ikuri Guarani oisambyhyva’eraha poti rekove tape has tape porate.

Avei He’i saa’i MEC has ojehecharamovevo ojehayhu ojapoha Guarani. Official site: Mike Gianoni. Guarani ha’e tembipuru petei nanepytyvokuaava Nane nemoakarapu’ame challenges. Dr. Arguello Almidio Aquino while delivering to the Minister Riart a lot of nearly 50 books that rescue culture and language of the Guarani indigenous peoples (Ava Guarani and Ache Mbya) requested the MEC attention to indigenous education respects the mother tongue education. He stressed the value of the Guarani language and culture as the basis of our identity and national cutural.


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