Repair Bathroom

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Repair bathroom completed, probably the most complicated and expensive repairs in the apartment. And they do it usually once every 10-15 years. Therefore, making repairs to the bathroom it is better to choose the tiles for bathroom, bathroom furniture, bath, faucets – to result in, redecorate the bathroom, you will not want to redo everything. Particular attention should be paid to the plumbing. Competently and efficiently made layout of water during the repair of a bathroom, a pledge that the neighbors below you will live in harmony. There are many opinions about what tubes to use for laying water supply, making repairs to the bathroom.

Many believe that the best copper pipes. Once they are expensive, so they are better. But there is such a thing – stray currents that disrupt copper. Of course there are ways to protect, but if your pipes are not copper and gold! Making routing water polypropylene remember that it's pretty hard material, and not in all cases it will sink into the wall. Well, as a matter of course, you should use reinforced polypropylene pipes. But most of all, i tend to pipes of metal-base. They are already quite long appeared in the construction market, and fairly well-proven with proper use. First of all, before the collector (a comb) should be set gear, preferably with a pressure gauge to be adjust the optimum water pressure. Then you have nothing to be afraid of water hammer, which can be at any time. Well, the second least important point – from the collector to the final output should be no connections. If you will comply with or adhere to these rules, repairing the bathroom a good thing.


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