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Let’s answer the question of where Russia MLM companies take money to pay compensation to its partners, to disseminate information about their product? Or to paraphrase the idea, some firms promote their services to MLM and others use conventional advertising. What is the difference between these options? Features remuneration to distributors just opened for advertising space on nepokupki radio, TV, periodicals, etc. Almost from the mlm-business appearance near hot evolved relationship with the press. What to say. Press once may condemn the network marketing. Why? First: Television and the press does not MLM money on advertising media MLM product. They make their case to the circuit, cutting off any of the chain.

Lesson them perform live person. Which is the only chain from producer to retail consumer. And profit, respectively, acquire it, and not periodical. 2. Marketing puts a spoke in the wheels of the media again and in the following way. MLM distributors are involved in the design of the business. They do not pay attention to the TV, sofa … In the end, Rating Media descends, and advertising platforms are worth less.

Is the owner would have liked a business when he pick up customers, and also its products (advertising sites) give a lower price? That the media do not like it … What As for TV, besides condemning network marketing, it really puzzled by decline in ratings due to the spread of the Internet. In broadcast television negativvye merge one after another. Based on the ratings, it competently. Negative things are always more delayed. Calculations done even in news releases. In what way they deal with the negative coverage: neytralnh: positive news. They regarded as seven: two: one. 10%! Well, it’s business. Governors, Directors also wish to go to work not to companies.


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