Quality Management Process

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The Quality Management Process the Venezuelan SME was not included when the leaders have strategies and resources. The Venezuelan SME just takes into account the quality of the product, both companies Leaders seek excellence in all areas. Precisely, say the program participants in the specialty of the graduate program of quality management and productivity of faces at the University of Carabobo, in the stage of the Quality and Productivity, the effect of globalization poses higher levels of competitiveness , conducting strategic planning and make use of advanced tools, such as Reengineering and Benchmarking, Total Quality and Just in Time, continuous improvement, distribution logistics, creating the need for an organizational form more complete and comprehensive. To be competitive it must be reviewed internally, and without false pretensions or expectations, to analyze which is good, and you do not. Truthful about the human resource manager, which is ultimately who should lead by example and engage in the first instance, if you plan the rest of the staff will follow.

In other words, implementing the guidelines of strategic planning, doing an internal audit, and one external. Located in reality, and think that makes joining the country as being rich in raw materials can not even use the intermediate products originating from them, they do not have the minimum quality required by the machinery that processed into finished products . In short The new Venezuelan entrepreneur must engage in profitable businesses, for which the country has comparative advantages, to use the creativity they do not need, to put it into practice useful tasks. Venezuelan human resources can not be neglected, should sabersele exploit their talent, training and avoid the rush of immigrants to countries that know how and where many of them have been trained in public universities, meaning a great investment that can not be squandered. For more information see this site: camden treatment center. The State, for its part, must ensure its people the provision of services in their care, provide social security, economic and legal assistance to all Venezuelan citizens or foreign investor, and propose policies clear and durable, with long-term guarantees that ensure both internal and external investment, and this in turn seek to obtain decent employment levels, as well as a fair return to the workforce so neglected in recent years.


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