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Over the years, the various directives have done little to address this problem and have been diverted to social, sports, fun loving, would be good for the voters of this new franchise go over the curriculum in order to identify applicants and reasoning demagoguery slogans, or which candidate amigueras meets the profile to fight for restoring the dignity of the medical, teaching, assistance, research, etc. in social projection., who meet in their qualities of leadership, to return to the College of Physicians role in civil society that belongs to us, in a survey a few years ago the people voted to feel trust and credibility with physicians overwhelmingly with nearly 90% (support 2002), therefore a review of the College will be welcomed by society in the many problems that afflict it. We lost the initiative, we have lost reflexes and have given much attention to social sports, tourism, but the weight of management should not be lateralized on this side, we need leadership with political culture, philosophical, we should not forget that Claudius Galen used require that an “excellent doctor, must also be a philosopher, a cult.”

In addition, voters should review the credentials of applicants, the experience gained in his career from his early years, Winston Churchill used to say that “He who at age 20 is not revolutionary, it is because he has heart” and who has no heart is a chest cold for transformative works in institutions, in addition we must review the public resume them. What have they done? What works behind them? Have they fulfilled their public promises, if they ever have made? Do not forget that Albert Einstein used to write “Anyone who is not careful with the truth in small matters can not be trusted in important matters.” All of these tips can help choose leaders who do not throw the birth certificate of the Medical School at the garbage because that heading is written in the mission for which it elects a Dean: To defend the practice of the profession and defend the health of the population. This is the core of a platform of proposals. For all other activities should hire an event promoter, for the Jarana continue and so can continue celebrating the New Year celebrations, Carnival, Mother’s Day, Father’s, the doctor, Olympics, tours, etc.. etc., but not confuse the role of a dean. Only in this way recover the lead, today denied in the Professional Schools in the region. Liars, breasts cold, those who lack political culture, should be trained first in a social club and then expect to lead an institution that for years calls for a leader who changed history.


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