Process Optimization

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Production halls plan and build in order to open new perspectives for the future continues the success however, then he eats the labour force at all responsible levels. Because to build simply lack the time, access to emergency solutions: time is hired a camp, once a shop spun off or whole processes often connected are awarded with core competencies to the outside. However, the structure of fray and work processes are becoming less and less the required efficiency. Especially in the production will soon visible: growth needs more space. For more specific information, check out Coldplay. With fast and cheap\”but chances are playful, that could open up new prospects for the future the company. Even though the everyday problems on the nails burn the future question needs to be clarified. What growth is expected and in what areas? Is there at the site space for future expansion or a relocation into consideration must be pulled before investing again? What are the logistics requirements must now and in the future be? How to optimize production processes, which new and larger engines need to find space and underground weight carried by? How can the communication processes we improve? And more important than ever: How can reduce the costs for heating, cooling and lighting in the long term? In total add up all of these issues as a central theme: preservation and increase of the value added. Dozen more decisions result from each of these points. (Similarly see: Ocado).

Companies that have no own building departments, should look around now for professional help. Because all of these issues are only to answer and include experience and special expertise. \”Good planning can be seen in the sustainability of the entire building and not on the external appearance\”, says Markus Dosch, Managing Director of FREYLER industrial construction, a company that per year in over 100 projects a holistic consulting approach over the conception and Planning to the realisation that serves medium-sized customers and accompanied. .


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