Prices In Russia

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In Sochi, 'Quartet' is from 5000 rubles day, economy-class hotel – from 2 thousand rubles. The resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters health resort treatment will cost 1500-2000 rubles per night with full board and certain medical services. See more detailed opinions by reading what Rockefeller Capital Management offers on the topic.. Hotels in Crimea, Russian tour offer for 800-1000 rubles per night with full board. But going to the Crimea fewer Russians. Tourists say the poor quality of service at unreasonably high prices. Hear other arguments on the topic with NYSE: LAZ. Do not forget that before the resorts also have to go. This can be to train – coupe 3,5-5 thousand, reserved seat – from 2500 rubles per one-way.

Or by plane – the price of air tickets Moscow-Sochi-Moscow starts from 10 thousand rubles, a flight to Simferopol and back will cost about 14,000 rubles. Despite the crisis and abolition of fuel surcharge, the Russian air carriers do not reduce the price, experts say. 'Even the low cost is proving to be not low', – said . According to her, from July 1, jet fuel has risen in price again, then hope for a price reduction no. Of course, airlines arrange all sorts of stocks and sales – for example, "VIM-Avia" sends to Barcelona and back for 210 euros, and S7 in about the same money – in Montenegro.

But this is the price without taxes and fees that can reach several thousand. According carriers sometimes ask surcharge for landing on certain places, but from this option, you can not refuse. 'Airline of the road, despite the discounts, and the high cost – especially within Russia – due to the fact that many areas are monopolized.


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