President Hugo Chavez

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In the case of Ecuador and Venezuela spoke of oil and agricultural products. Very interesting in the statement that presents the BBC.Mundo, when he says what he says Adolfo Taylhardart that there is an economic factor in the association of Ecuador, but that has nothing to do with trade. "The ALBA is the club of 'throw me something', of countries that are waiting for (the president of Venezuela) to support them with money, projects, airplanes, etc." who also pointed out Venezuelan ambassador in several countries between the 60s and 90s. In return Venezuela win the support of those nations change policies promoted by President Hugo Chavez, under the title "XXI century socialism." Also from the official perspective, the Venezuelan political analyst Alberto Aranguibel entered those findings in a current called the "predictors of the past that are against social justice policy promoted by President Hugo Chavez." "It is false that this is the product of an oil checkbook. What is happening is the integration of markets, "said" If we analyze from the perspective of management, which is the language they speak, the theory states that the loss of bargaining power is when there is a single client.

They are the ones that encouraged us to have a single client. Now what we have is a powerful multinational force is making a counterweight to America, " added. Definitely l analyst said that initiatives such as the ALBA countries allow modest economies such as Central America, eventually becoming "small powers in areas that are strong, as the president said Chavez." To Taylhardat "That is an organization that has no basis or purpose, beyond the interest of Chavez's government to continue to attract naive or who seek to profit." For President of Ecuador Rafael Correa part of this organization will give benefits to the country, such as having a common approach to international organizations like the World Bank and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). In the future written on this subject, Professor of International Commerce MBA graduate, markets Faces mention the University of Carabobo, comment on the scope, impact, weaknesses, opportunities this creates for Venezuela.


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