Pontiac Solstice

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What auto can boast about being sporty and luxurious at the same time? There is no one more than the new Pontiac Solstice 08, that combines sophistication and class in all its aspects, making it a car multifaceted, perfect for any type of taste and specifications. Whether you’re someone who likes excitement and sportsmanship, or someone who likes the sumptuous style and performance, the Solstice is the car for you. Its exterior design is key, since it boasts a surprising front fascia, which is what loved more than one person from your appearance. Rothberg family will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In addition, presents two new colors: metallic dark grey, and yellow already representative Sport. Among its many features, is folding awning covered with fabric in two stages, as well as their escape from stainless steel, its chrome-plated handles and incandescent brake light integrated into the rear fascia, among others. Its interior design is no less striking, since it presents a few front Sport bucket seats with integrated headers; also your center console with lever cover changes, brake hand and Cup holders. It emphasizes the present cascade in the middle of the seats with the Pontiac emblem. There is no doubt that you’ve considered it as your next car, so follow your instinct, and discover more than a sporty Pontiac Solstice 08. Original author and source of the article..


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