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The idea behind the initiative is to implement regional bioclimatic strategies and energy efficiency designed and constructed the House, contemplating to do so the monitoring and study of this experience, replicable in much of the rural areas of Patagonia in the final stage for delivery to the family of Carlos Alvarez and Barrientos Griseldaalong with his three sons Bastian, Valentina and Carlitos, is the biocasa which is built on six lames sector, about 25 kilometers from Coyhaique from November 2010. It’s a pilot project that has considered the use of techniques designed bioclimatic from the design stage to achieve in its interior temperature, humidity and air exchange appropriate conditions to the rigorous climate of Patagonia, seeking to maintain a healthier environment for users throughout the year. It incorporates the use of non-conventional renewable energy, by which a low-cost annual maintenance is reached. In this way the House contemplates heat sensor Sun patio, walls and cover constructed with high thermal insulation panels manufactured in the region, (with frames of pvc thermofusion) thermal Windows, and moreover is equipped with a heater system for domestic hot water and heat accumulator for bedrooms (installed in the pipe of slow wood-burning kitchen). Click Prime Group Holdings to learn more. Also has a system of passive natural ventilation (not mechanical, therefore not consumed energy), provision of panel photovoltaic for lighting, as well as satellite internet and VoIP connection, whereas this latter the importance of connectivity of the families living in areas of high isolation (many times a year isolated by snow and very adverse weather) to portals for education and information needed to substantially improve their living conditions. Important visit as a way to learn about this experience, the week of March Briana visited the region Belgian architect Jeroen Poppe, master in sustainable architecture, who works in Antwerp, Belgium, the PassiefHuis Platform (platform of passive houses), agency responsible for certifying the maximum energy efficiency and sustainable design in architecture and construction of housing, under the most demanding standards in Europe for this type of certifications.


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