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It is a question that arises in the minds of those responsible for recruitment when choosing a show for your company events. This question is more likely if it is the first time that you hire some artist of this specialty and it is logical to ask that I get? There are several reasons from the pure entertainment of your guests to find targets more aimed at improving your presentation or even business. Let’s see one by one these ten key points which will allow to make your next event a success: 1.-unique. It is a unique form of entertainment that can offer guests an innovative show that enjoy for its exclusivity. 2.-Fun. Lots of fun, not only for the humor of the show but also by the humour of situation that is generated among the attendees.

This is going to depend heavily on the style of artist but we can say that gradually longer all artists add some humor to their representations. 3 Participation. They are spectacles where participation is essential. There are several levels of participation with the public depending on the specialty that you work with the artist. For example, in theatre there is what is known as the fourth wall where an invisible wall separates actors audiences since at no time there will be much less participation and interaction.

In a spectacle of Mentalism the participation of viewers is essential since there are very few numbers (would count them on the fingers of one hand) that can be made without your help and collaboration. 4 Interaction. Attendees not only interact with the artists if not that also do with participants and his table mates, either with games for the Auditorium and small interventions that need to perform in teams. 5 Current. It is little seen and modern performances. It is likely that a high percentage of their guests never has seen a Mentalist live, much less therefore that have involved themselves in games and experiences presented.


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