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Billing software, article management, accounting software, online goods management, billing, invoicing software, reservation module, goods management software, merchandise management system today it is difficult to choose software for a billing document, because they’re like sand on the sea. In part, they are workplace-bound, expensive to purchase and complex in your application. Certain technical requirements which are smaller companies not to tribes for most to be added. Help approaching a completely different way from lower Franconia that goes under Frankish company Optibit with your online enabled billing PHPW 3.0. The platform-independent system is used in the online browser and is thus tied to any particular operating system. PHPW without a broadband connection (DSL) and GPRS can be used thanks to the performance-optimized basis.

Access to the data is always and everywhere possible without losing the control for necessary information. Each process is documented and can be easily found on a list. Using the function You have access to your money and goods flows controlling”. The open held interface is easy to use and requires little training. Depending on the usage or users, you can set an individual menu screen. Despite its simplicity, there are all necessary areas of billing. The article management involves the actual article list and the price list that is easy to maintain.

The customer management is comfortably furnished and includes a calendar to the date monitoring in addition to the usual features. With the built-in email feature, you can send your offers and invoices as PDF directly to the customer. The ongoing accounting done virtually by itself the system, invoices and payments can be specified via a form easy to use quickly and safely. Via time billing, subscriptions, maintenance contracts, and other recurring operations can be created. The accumulated bills are created for the following months. The built-in help function clears all questions, the in the daily work can result. A support function is available for further questions. Conclusion all in all a software package, that simple and awesome at the same time to meet the needs of many companies is aimed. You can test a current demo version of PHPW 3.0 on the page You will receive the access data upon request. Due to high demand, we have decided to develop a booking module for PHPW. In the next few weeks are warranted yet in detail. About Optibit GmbH & co. KG, the company Optibit was founded in 2009. The products have been created however partially since 2002 in the sister companies ETHA International Ltd. & co. KG. Specifically, these were originally developed for the company. Learn more at this site: Ben Kunz. Practice learned and resistant on the pulse of users developed and improved. Because the market in the same direction and demand-oriented, these solutions also for other industries expanded. Team Optibit is to constantly strive your knowledge and experience to the user further To give. Amateur Optibit GmbH & co.


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