Oil Price Speculation

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Cooperative members get Freudenberg regardless of speculation on the oil and financial markets, May 16, 2010 – financial speculation more expensive petrol and diesel on the price of oil, according to a study, clearly. Betting by speculators on a rising price of oil made the litres fuel for consumers currently 14 cents more expensive unless as he should be, they say in a study commissioned by the Greens in the Bundestag. Green Bundestag Group Deputy Chairman Barbel Hohn urged the Federal Government to act. Through short – and long-term bets, the price of oil according to investigation per barrel (159 litres) currently contains a “speculative premium” in height by 35 percent, or the equivalent of some US$ 30. Due to strong demand, the high price of oil is currently but not to explain.

On the world markets there is an oversupply, energy comment noted. This shows that the crude oil market has developed in recent years to “a mixture of commodity and financial markets”. (Source: premiumpresse.de) CEHATROL is one based on Production situation and calculation based on of the price for a longer period of time laid down. That brings the customers in a dependence on the oil markets and leads consumers to calculation and planning security. The energy cooperative of Freudenberg and the CEHATROL fuels EC members are their own fuel producers. The CEHATROL brand fuel derived almost exclusively from biogenic raw materials and residues is not enriched with conventional biodiesel and is produced according to German industrial standards (DIN). Learn more about the energy cooperative at. Helmut Uhlig


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