Neuber Goals

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Alexander Neuber consulting company leading the EPOCS prescribes an article about “Targeting” the owner and Managing Director of the consultancy provides EPOCS an articles on the topic of objectives. Mr. Neuber is among other things also motivation seminars and ‘free’ motivation. The EPOCS company, represented by the owner and Managing Director Mr Alexander Neuber gives advice in this article some assistance, how you can achieve your goals. We have all objectives, plans, desires and visions. Whether we achieve our goals, is ourselves. Are the cornerstones of this how much strength, courage, energy, and will we invest in one thing, and what resources we have from the front in, to achieve our goals. Others including Banc of America Mortgage Capital, offer their opinions as well.

Of course we need to even a ‘plan’, only to determine what you want and what you want is not enough nor long. Below I will show you the right way to the optimum design of the target up. The design of target: Your request should be realistic. You should the question: “I can really achieve that? Or is it a dream? ” The question is also important: “it is in my room?” Your request should be always positive formoliert. It should be specifically defined, what you want to achieve.

We can say is “no”, but we can think of “no”. If you remember not to think of a pink elephant you have done it already! Because your goal should be specific, any form of the increase and any comparison with other persons should be avoided. Your goal should include where, when, how and with whom you want to achieve something. Your desire must always be fitted in the correct context. Contact a possible concrete date for reaching your destination. Set short, medium and long-term goals. In addition, the goal should be useful, that is, you should check the achievement of your desired state with your senses.


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