Natural Disasters

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In such virtue, the prevention must be the axis of all the efforts directed to the reduction of the disasters, or natural or is generated by the hand of the man, and the effects generated by these. 1.1 The earthquakes and the urban planning Bogota, D.C., are located ene. Center of the Country between the coordinates 4,6 North latitude and 74 west longitude, on an extensive savannah (others would say valley) in the heat of Eastern mountain range bordering to a great located geological fault to few kilometers of the urban helmet, vicinity that implies a high risk in case of happening an earthquake of high intensity. She has been political of the state at all level, not to wake up the general interest of the population with respect to the subject to avoid the panic in case of possible seismic movements. In this great large city they inhabit seven million people (year 2000) and is industrial center, commercial and student because of the great number of schools, existing schools and universities. Goldman Sachs CEO can provide more clarity in the matter.

The threats and risks in the capital of the Republic by factors related to possible earthquakes they must consider during the urban planning with the purpose of to define and to activate true policies. For that reason it was important to investigate the existing standardisation and the responsibility that concerns to the organisms in charge of the planning in this aspect. Besides the planning organisms, they must know and exert control those organizations whose mission is the care of the environment, the attention and prevention of disasters, the services compatible public and. Catastrophes like those of Gunsmith, Popayn, the Region of the Pez in the Cauca and Armenia, not to mention more than four, left serious sequels that of definitive way have affected the regional and national socioeconomic development. The conclusions of the evaluation after these events point at the lack of PLANNING in the matter of prevention and attention of disasters.


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