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The growth of the insolvency stronger and was generalized in the wallet of loans the companies, having reached the main credit facilities. The tax passed of 5,8% for 6,9% in the discount of trade bills, of 2,7% for 3,3% in the note discounting promissory note, and of 1,2% for 1,9% in the turn capital, between September of 2008 and February of 2009. Exactly in operations with external resources, as the Advancings on Contract of Cmbio (ACC), it had increase of the insolvency, 0,6% in September for 0,8% in the last month. The picture of the situation in the segment of the free credit – where the interests are agreed to between the financial institution and the customer – is reflected infects of it that the country suffered from world-wide the financial crisis, with the disappearance of the credit. Without new financings, the companies if capsize in difficulties to roll its loans.

For the data of the BC, the banks they are if preparing for difficult days still more, what she can also be identified in the general degradation in the classifications of the operations of credit. Beyond the provisionamento above of the minimum demanded for the BC, the banks they had lowered rating of its wallets, classified with nine notes, that go of AA the H, in a scale of increasing risk. Classified operations as normal risk, with notes between AA and C, they had shrunk 0.7%, while of risk 1 (between D and G) they had increased 11.6% between January, and February and with note H, practically considered lost, they had gone up 6.4% between one month and another one. The moment if shows, therefore, sufficiently delicate. The government makes what credit is necessary to come back it to irrigate the economy, what estimates the banks to retake its loans for physical companies and people. The National Monetary Advice (CMN) approved the creation of safe from deposits special, with guarantee of until R$ 20 million the FGC (Deep Guarantor of Credit), to stimulate investors to apply again in average small banks e, from where they had run away for the great banks, over all the public, after 15 of September, in the track of the general diffidence in the banking system.


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