Microsoft Partner Network

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Back up valuable Know-How of the manufacturer Microsoft directly and take advantage of a partnership in many ways Munich, 02.02.2012: thinking already about to join the Microsoft partner network (MPN)? This network offers extensive services for companies, ranging from a membership in the community, a subscription to the acquisition of the silver – or gold – competence. But what benefits are related? Among other things, members of the MPN benefit of assistance on the part of Microsoft in various business areas. Technical and business training, online support or services which help you to increase your company’s profitability, or receiving subscriptions of newest software releases and beta versions – the services of the MPN are varied. If you in the company with Microsoft technologies and products work, have a high charges or provide more knowledge resources for staff (developers, IT professionals), it may be useful, To become a Microsoft partner network member. In order to participate in the Microsoft partner network, advance certain requirements to be fulfilled. As the employment of certified employees, establishing appropriate customer references, create a company profile or the existence of a competence-specific sales and marketing tests are for the acquisition of the silver or gold competency. The requirements for a regular membership or subscription are appropriately low.

The decision for one of the types of membership depends on which service package best for a company fits or is useful for this. egarding this issue. First and foremost, a membership is intended to support business processes and to drive business success. Generally, there are several core services, which in varying degrees with the individual memberships to come to fruition. General partners can be in the subscription as a silver or gold competency a certain number of Partner Advisory hours to complete. They can give you advice Tips from Microsoft experts, as well as technical support if you have further questions.


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