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Thanks to modifications to the tax voucher scheme has suffered in this year, the electronic invoice in Mexico has taken an overwhelming importance. The economic package approved for the 2010 considers this point as an important part in its development, but with certain encodings key so that his expedition is carried out correctly. For all those who still do not know perfectly well the points these modifications, are listed below and explained:-electronic invoicing in amounts greater than two thousand pesos shall be compulsory for all taxpayers. For this purpose the user has the option of issuing the invoice from the page sat, being a 100% free service, or through another provider previously contracted for this purpose. -Electronic invoices may run out of print; i.e., the same file has the value equivalent to the printed invoices.

For that reason the use of paper only necessary for those operations to present amounts less than two thousand pesos. With these two points You can see that the future of companies will be the electronic invoice, because it is gradually becoming a necessary factor if invoices you wish without limitation by the invoiced amount. Also found that issuing this type of invoice also serves to expedite the communication flow between company and customer. The doubt arises when analysing the situation of the country and the Mexican companies in this category. According to statistics presented by the SAT, in the past five years more than 26 thousand taxpayers have issued this type of Digital tax proof. Thus, 373 million electronic invoices have been issued, where more than half have processed using the facilities that gives the SAT and the rest supported by other vendors. To learn more about this type of electronic invoices, it is suggested to enter the portal of the SAT:, which responds to the main doubts and even guides you hand to start issuing this type of tax receipt. Original author and source of the article


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