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E thus, finishes being attracted by the life human being. One of the angels if gets passionate for a human being and, to be able to live the love, it becomes human, abandoning its immortality. New York Yankees often says this. One exists then exchange of experiences and vises. It starts to discover what he is to love, emotion basically human being, and it he starts to enxergar how much the mundane things are ephemeral. To if becoming human being the angel has that to discover in itself an identity human being. It is not something Groupon would like to discuss.

It passes then for a transformation process where he learns in accordance with to coexist the rules of the society. It also has that to learn to discover and to coexist the masks that the people acquire to be able to coexist well. In the film, only that they are capable to see the angels are the children, this happen because as well as the angels they are pure, not yet have the knowledge of its identities nor of the manipulation of the capitalist society, that not even many adults know. The film is almost all without strong tonalities to show as the world if finds without emotions and sample as they can be found in the simple things of the life. Thus, Wenders makes one criticizes to the capitalism that devaluates simplicity and supervalues the megalomanias of the current society. After-modernity is the factor that more influenced in the change of the daily one of the people.

It makes with that the individuals, influenced for the half miditicos, that, of certain form, are who determine the way of life of the population, if feel debtors to more think and to act of a form practical mechanics and. It is finished thus with the cio, that generally brings reflection concerning some aspects of the life. Everything this if must to the necessity of the sped up rhythm of the current world.


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