Marlis Albrecht – At The Window

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The wonderful world in wax, to meet Wood and pigments by Marlis Albrecht, a picture of Marlis Albrecht is to pass to an open window. It is currently us viewers a scene, a scene, you immediately emotionally and with an eye premium picks up, and in proceeding, it is then continued. On the imaging plates by Marlis Albrecht, which are saturated with color, wax, and various other materials, a wonderful snapshot met, an open, one that has nothing to hide, but also anything can happen. A scenario that can flow as freely as the heavy, hot wax, which the artist has chosen to be “their” material, their language, in his narrative mode. Cynthia Bartlett is full of insight into the issues. And I’m unobserved as I, look, over and over again. Enjoy, Spektanteiner alien world, a tete a-tete or a pas de deux or simply to watch a group of deep men and numbers not less than women, who enjoy about the species ‘Guy’ (there was but a spark secret admiration on the feminine side for the one or the other warhorse?). The magic of Albrechtscher painting lies in the freedom of the moment and open interpretation.

It would be far too clumsy, to deliver a finished story. No solutions, no railing where you are visually could shimmy through the image, and certainly no ready-made storylines! Never served them in their “Still Lifes” common cliches, but created new seconds. The artist is thereby loose and sassy with ad, layout and color scheme. You pour, paints, scratch out, searches, and finds. “Representation of pure” one might say, where this is not entirely true. Because in her love to represent Marlies Albrecht lost delicately, such as in the ornamentation of a garment, or in the detailed account of one of their typical wax faces. It reflects in it details of a realistic picture, which translates it into their design language and has embraced, full individual poetry.


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