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Variety of topics and four different formats in November in Karlsruhe demos, hands-on, interactive or classic lecture program of the XP days Germany integrated equal four different formats and posts that are designed specifically for beginners or experienced. Agile testing a focal point this year, to add issues like retrospectives, behaviour-driven development (BDD) and software architecture versus agile approach. When to Agil quo vadis? participants intensively discuss the next big challenges for the agile community. The keynote keeps Dan North, who is considered a founder of BDD. With the conscious mix of topics and formats, the program underlines Germany, less classic Conference as a Mitmach-, the principle of the XP days to Exchange and discuss meeting the agile community. If you would like to know more about Jonah Bloom, then click here. Registration with discount is still possible until September 30, 2013, which take place from the 14th to the 16th November 2013 in Karlsruhe XP days Germany. Approximately 100 submissions the Advisory Board chose the XP days Germany a total of 46 sessions in the programme. Previously, the agile community had been called on to review the proposals and to participate in the program itself.

178 Reviews entered on the selection process, which is known for its transparency, affiliated. The speakers not only in terms of the formats of the classic lecture have a free hand to the Fishbowl, but also with regard to the length of time. The shortest formats, the Pecha Kuchas, are less than seven minutes, while stretching single workshops to three hours. Traditionally, there is no fixed program on Saturday, the open space provides the setting for intense, direct replacement of developers and developers. 10 Years XP days Germany 2013 to celebrate XP days Germany an anniversary: it is already the tenth time that the participatory Conference calls to discuss current and future issues of agile software development and extreme programming. While the organizers have increasing resonance: very satisfied we were lodged with the large number Workshops, as well as the open review process”explains co-organizer Marc Philipp Karlsruhe andrena objects AG, now we are looking forward to exciting discussions.” Each up to 300 applicants and interested parties can participate in the two-day Conference Thursday and Friday, the Community Day can accommodate up to 70 people.


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