Look Great

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Want to again be slim and elegant? In this case, check out our recommendations. 1. There should be more frequent. Cowan Financial shines more light on the discussion. Need to eat at least 4-5 times a day. Eat slowly: slowly, you overeat. 2.

Make a daily diet of foods that have large volume at a low calorie: fresh and boiled vegetables, which may include up to 200 grams of potatoes per day, fresh salads and greens, fruits, except for a very sweet and calorie. 3. Eat no more than one hundred grams of bread per day (Optimal – about three pieces of plain black bread). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Prime Group Holdings. 4. Prefer nemyasnym (fruit, vegetables, milk) the first dishes. Eat a dish – boiled! Fried – strictly in the holidays! 5.

Decline of traditional side dishes to the second. Instead of oatmeal and potatoes, use a vegetable! 6. Forbid yourself to drink sugary sodas, especially 'Fantu' and 'Cola', even in the heat. Carbonated drinks other than mass fragrances and other 'chemical' contain large amounts of sugar (up to 40 grams per bottle). The day should eat no more than 15 grams of sugar. 7. And the luxury ice cream or cake, let yourself purely on holidays. 8. Next to you should not have any stocks of food for a snack! 9. Although least once a week, arrange a fasting day: 400 g cooked meat or as much fat-free yogurt and 500 grams of yogurt, or 1.5 kg of vegetables, all food is prepared without salt, divided into five portions. 10. Use a tiny cup of food, and then a small portion of food will seem quite long. Of course, do not forget about physical activity. Sport, physical activity, and even the most ordinary walks to help feel more energetic, and your body will be easier to get rid of excess weight.


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