Light Effect

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The guilt, remorse and lose their meaning in face of eternity that is death. In the mouth we're stark is the second poem, which begins with a metaphor for death: the smell of gum compared to rotting meat we read in the previous poem. And that's because we express the poet in his verses, we carry death within us, we are death, because, inevitably, one day die. The dead do not want us to mourn – of any use to them – and do not want to hurt us – only our fear of death makes this idea emerges in us – want, yes, our pity. …

and / will happen tomorrow with us. Death, as in the previous poem remains a taboo, so I press the pace. Here, curiously, is the white color of death, as in the tradition of the East: … white walls / are called – they say – Hobbies and dead insects. To return at the end of the poem, to appoint the gums, the smell, the mouth is raw as symptom of an inevitable end. The third poem is called Light Effect. We see, throughout this poem, a play of light, like a picture of contrasts, shadows and shadows. There is a play of color, with whitewashed tombs, white tile, sun, insects, emeralds, invisible under the light shade. Guillermo gives us the play of light as if it were a game between life and death, very convenient as it elaborates these poems in the second half.


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