Jose Maria Rosa

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In that sense there is no doubt that the accidental discovery, had a no less accidental contribution to history, laying bare ideas of the authentic Sarmiento, hiding behind the myth that most unknown, but others know very well and are responsible for further manipulating the official story, although there is more with silence. But the legend of Sarmiento counts among their hosts with fools, unable to assume the truth, even if they have it in front of their eyes, that or is necessary to emphasize that he has never seen a book of the San Juan, but also with the living, well educated and cultured, that know the truth and speak of the stepfather of the classroom with modesty and caution, but basically think that things are so well, and therefore, stop the true Sarmiento follow hidden in the closet. As well said Jose Maria Rosa, the best way to combat the ideas of Sarmiento is to spread the books of Sarmiento. Learn more about this topic with the insights from John McCann. In that sense is made very difficult to assume the defense of Sarmiento, because who intends to rebut arguments that condemn it, it will find an insurmountable obstacle in his own writings and the present finding is no exception, with the enormous advantage that provide the digital media, speed and accessibility, that do not provide the sanjuanino forgotten texts. His own works are that reveal the true Sarmiento, which nobody reads already, but perhaps from this finding, many curious dare to consult, to finally discover it. A Sarmiento, as says Jose Maria Rosa, tan antiargentino, oligarchic, authoritarian, insensitive with the gauchos, exocentrism without shame and even boasting, that enough to have a fiber of Argentina to feel outraged. Then read to Sarmiento, in the speech given in the Senate on September 13, 1859 which service lend themselves to the motherland the orphaned daughters of vicious or lost parents, why should spend state money on feeding anyone?


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