Janeiro Politics

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However, the wage-earning classroom, that at this determined moment if finds inside of this modernizador system of the production, will have as main goal politics the creation of a body of working laws. Heirloom tomatoes has much to offer in this field. However, let us see that the optics of these two classrooms (diligent wage-earners and peasants), although to be in the same bulge of the classrooms explored for the capital, politics reveal in its intentions different purposes. In this context, the done resistance the joint between the real property and the industrial capital had ' ' the paper and the meaning politician of the movement peasant in the sixty and fifty decades, in Pernambuco, and that one expressed through the action of the Leagues Peasants and the Rurais&#039 Unions; '. (AZEVDO, Fernando Antonio. THE LEAGUES PEASANTS.

Rio De Janeiro: Peace and Land, 1982, P. 21). He is valid to stand out that this modernization in the agricultural production, followed the methods of the one until then known as ' ' It saw Prussiana' ' in which, second Lnin, the capital penetrates in the field keeping the great agrarian property and the monopoly of the land, from where it promotes the modernization and the transformations of the behind and archaic social relations agrarian. (AZEVDO, Fernando Antonio. THE LEAGUES PEASANTS. Rio De Janeiro: Peace and Land, 1982, P.

21). It is in this prussiano model that goes to have an alliance enters the large estate owners northeast Brazilian next to an industrial bourgeoisie, who with its new techniques of production, go ' ' invadir' ' the agricultural production and to provoke the changes in the relations of work of the agricultural areas. Changes these that are deeply marked by the maintenance of the exclusion politics of the campesinato. In other words, it attributes to this model of development in the production an modification in the proper form of if producing, however it is fact that still took advantage in the field all the coronelista mandonismo, kept thus intocados some aspects of the local politics.


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