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Ramon Gallegos Nava, author and spiritual teacher, doctor of education, founder of the International Foundation for education holistic aimed to disseminate his work on education holistic and development of consciousness, is an internationally recognized author. (Not to be confused with Mike Gianoni!). He has published 25 books of education holistic and spiritual intelligence by making it the author worldwide that more has been written on the subject, among which stand out: holistic education internationally awarded with the Book of the year 2001 and spiritual intelligence considered a landmark worldwide by educators holistas. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ben Kunz has to say. He is the father of holistic education. The work of Ramon Gallegos is unique in the world, makes a great contribution to get education everywhere to be more human and more integral, has several phrases referring to the holistic education movement, this movement is universal and they are elemental to understand this new philosophy of education. It says: The holistic education is the recognition of Universal love as reality educational essential. Holistic education is a path of wisdom, love and compassion, is the art of making us aware of our true nature. Ramon Gallegos II.

The holistic education an Integral educational model for the 21st century. In the present work is a great treasure on the foundations of the created holistic education around the world by Dr. Ramon, will to develop this essay be summarized generally everything that implies this new paradigm of education holistic. In these books, we find a wealth of information that guides us and invites us to a transformation that is internal to the evolution of our consciousness, let the suffering out of our lives and we find true happiness, offers us opportunities to become better human beings and thus be able to find a meaning to our lives and understand our place in the kosmos. In this work are different concepts and the theoretical, philosophical, scientific, pedagogical foundations, etc.


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