Information Analysis

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The techniques are analyzed to improve the interoperability and the recovery. Describes the initiatives of metadata applied to managers of content (Dublin Core, RDF (Resource Description Framework) and MARC format) and their importance for the formation of cooperating institutions for integration of contents and the creation of a semantic web. In addition, describes the markup languages such as medium for structuring information and encourage the XML interoperability. It concludes with the current existence of a consciousness of widespread adoption of standards for the web information management and the development of characteristic of eGovernment services. Today there is a wide range of free software applications targeted to content management, as well as to the management of digital information in web. These tools increasingly more have been gaining ground in the Middle Librarian, allowing in a flexible and economic way to handle referential information and digital content in full-text. Below are four of these tools, by its benefits and features have become preferred by this sector. Greenstone, is presented as the best option for its versatility in designing user-oriented, complies with the requirement of forming a cooperative network between institutions interested in sharing your information. KOHA, is one of the first system to automate libraries with free software, distribution that allows you to freely modify the source code, it is an individual program for units of information, basically covers at least three functions: circulation, consultation and acquisitions, its code has been in continuous movement, Openbiblio, it is easy to use offers an intuitive, interface usability in the administration of the online catalog, to equal than others offered at GNU General Public License and DSpace is a system that allows public access to one digital collection that requires pre-planning for your installation and is oriented to work collaboratively with peers themselves.


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