Hunter Ticks

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The calendar tells us that there is a deep winter, but the weather has a different opinion. Rising temperatures and low humidity increase the risk on a tick rich summer. Every year the hunting season on a new starts in the spring. While ticks not Hunter hat and shooting gun attack, but they also go on the prowl. As a food source, the parasites are looking for a host, they bite at one point with as thin skin and then he can suck blood. For the host, which is uncomfortable, but not actually dangerous. But the tick vectors of Lyme disease bacteria, a deadly disease is from the harmless bite.

Only a small bite ticks are stalking hunters in most cases. On grass or leaves you waiting up to a height of about one and a half meters. A mammal of them passes, drop them and find an unprotected skin area, where they can drink. Their sharp biting tools to penetrate this almost unnoticed. The victims noticed also the operation of drinking not. Jonathan Kellner takes a slightly different approach. The tick drink as much blood as it can. The blood is digested until all usable parts are sucked out. Because the tick but has no excretory organ, she chokes back out the useless components of the blood.

The tick Lyme disease bacteria is affected, this finding is also in the again excellent parents blood and infects the host. Borreliosis, the red spot at the injection site, Lyme disease is the collective term for diseases that are caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. Almost all bacteria of this group can cause diseases, but which are very different in their history. The disease is often asymptomatic in the early stages. She shows symptoms, the disease is similar to a flu often, because it is accompanied by fever, chills, headache and body aches, and general fatigue. This disease is similar to that also the second great European ticks disease of TBE. The very common red circle is but”well diagnosable, who comes to the insertion site around. The Skin redness often expands or wanders away from the injection site. Because it is a bacterium, can not be vaccinated against Lyme disease. Treatments with antibiotics have a high chance of cure. If left untreated the bacteria can cause meningitis, paralysis, arthritis and heart problems. People and pets are equally vulnerable for borreliosis. Remove ticks as quickly as possible to prevent a contagion should no way be left the tick, in the blood stream of the host to give back the pathogen. Long clothes help walks in field and Hall, to allow ticks do not only on the human skin. After the hike, a thorough investigation of all skin partieren should take place. Just hidden bodies with thinner skin such as the inside of the knees, armpits and pubic area, as well as the navel, much attention should be paid here. If a tick is found, they can be drizzled never with glue or wax, to remove them. In agony, the tick would only be forced to choke off their stomach contents. Instead it with fingernails or a tick tweezers is packed so that her whole body with a twist of the body can be pulled out. Check in each case that the biting tools have been removed from the bite site. Torn biting tools can cause nasty infections. Tom Walsh


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