How To Start Saving And Investing .

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For educational purposes, we will use interchangeably the terms rich and financially independent, because in the end we want our money work for us and not us for our money, so to motivate them use the word "rich" or economic wealth. Becoming wealthy starts with a change of mentality. Definitely the first step to achieve their minds must be thinking and visualizing yourself being rich, having abundance of resources, goods and services. We believe we can be, and indeed we'll be rich someday. We must think and act like rich, though at this very moment we are not. Any book that addresses this issue, the subconscious will tell you that one, and will guide the thoughts and actions toward reality, that is, to become rich.

When you are rich, you no longer have to sell their own work, but can live off the work of their property. Well, now that we think we can get rich, (why not, if in the United States of America, every 60 minutes, a person becomes millionaire) we must understand that being rich does not mean just to spend and buy cars, yachts, mansions, etc. That comes later, when one is already rich! But if we want to be rich, now what we need is discipline, which brings us to the next point: Is disciplined? "Financially? Already thinking like a rich person? OK, let's go. A few years ago, one of Robert Kiyosaki's books, I remember reading something that stuck in my mind forever.


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