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I have few days I was I descend for the next Avenue where I live going to work, when ash stopped to my side a Fiat 147, and one Mr. c advanced age insisted p to give a hitchhiking to me. I entered in the car, and I was with shame to ask the name of it, therefore he found that knew it me, however I did not remember to have before seen that face. When I arrived at my destination I could not more resist the curiosity, and asked: – Of where it knows me to Mr.? it answered: – Of place none. I fired then me to it, but I went down of that disappointed car, therefore that one Sir had offered a hitchhiking to me without never seen having me before. It to know did not need me to help me! A film passed in my mind, and I remembered the many times that I passed for aged people, loading weighed bags, and I never stopped my car to give a hitchhiking.

Certain time, I passed for a woman with a baby in the arms, it was raining, and exactly thus I did not stop. We have spoken in such a way in love, in making the good, loving to the next one, but our attitudes are not equal our theories. Jesus orders in them to love next as to we ourselves (TM 22:39), It orders in them to follow the example of the good samaritano (Lc 10:30 – 37), and more, Tiago says that one that knows to make the good and does not make, commits sin (Tg 4:17). A leading source for info: vcu health. But we are ‘ ‘ very busy? to think about these details. He wants to make the good? What such to start giving a hitchhiking?


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