Guggenheim Museum

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Rustic nature and mysterious languages although the thermometer speaks a different language, the winter coming to an end. Instead of ski vacation planning for the spring break is now on the agenda. Similar to be as the spring fashion already popular warm destinations in the visor. Should it go on the coast of Spain or a tour through Provence would you prefer? For all undecided, has found a suitable alternative. Who is too difficult the decision between Spain and France, should simply choose the golden mean geographically and book a holiday in the Basque country. Thus you can explore landscapes depending on the area once Spain and France. But the Basque country not without reason for many years to the most popular tourist areas.

The rugged, rough nature is a striking contrast to the many beaches, which are visited always by the Sun with its impressive landscape of rubble. Best, the region can be open up bicycle. On the way, you encounter a rich history, numerous monuments and interesting people. Until today many linguists, especially their language is a mystery. Because the Basque has no similarities with the Spanish with the French language or another European language. The sense is whom after a bike tour for more company, should take the opportunity to visit the capital of Bilbao. The largest city in the Basque country effortlessly combines culture and cosiness.

A relaxing stroll through the narrow streets or a coffee in the old town, the unique environment alone can absorb and internalize. A subsequent visit to the Guggenheim Museum with its rich collection will satisfy also culturally interested minds. For a pleasant end of the day a visit to a local restaurant offered, where you can enjoy local specialities in a glass of red wine. More information: service / press Unister Lisa Neumann GmbH


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