Good Nutrition At Work

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How to make lunch brought staff Regulation nutrition and rest, and not a headache, where and what to eat? To solve this problem by using the order lunch in the company providing the service of delivering hot meals to offices. Feeding people in your organization is part of the requirements of applicable law. Research Center Personnel House "SuperDzhob" held a series of interviews. In The research on the different components of the compensation package and their value for employees, was conducted two surveys of food service employees in the workplace. Order lunch to offices with delivery.

This survey involved 4180 people. For candidates, post your resume online, were asked to choose one of three possible responses when asked 'Would you deciding the existence of an organized power in the firm when choosing a new job? " A little less than two-thirds of respondents felt that the provision of meals for employees of the firm would be an advantage when selecting from the options offered by equivalent work. The bulk of the audience of candidates who chose this answer, are workers, not initially aspire to occupy positions with high enough wages. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Karoline Copping. Typically, this is – managers of primary and middle managers, office staff, ordinary accountants, technicians, etc. At the same time more than half of this group of respondents believe that the organized power can be seen as a decisive advantage only when the organization employer pays for most of the bill the employee. Commenting on his response, the applicants say that 'the existence of organized power in the company saves time, without disrupting work process.

Discipline employees and is one of the important factors of psychological relief. " Just a small portion of respondents (3%) believes that organized catering staff will be crucial in selecting future place of work, other options available. This – the category of workers competing for low wages (for Moscow not more than $ 400): technical and support staff are employees of state institutions, etc. A typical view uttered by the comments to this poll in this group – 'If the company does not have free food, I have to pay per month out of pocket at least $ 100 to feed somewhere on the side, and this money …'. Quite A large group of applicants (39%) believes that catering can not take precedence when choosing a new job. As a rule, candidates applying for a salary level that will allow them without any financial difficulties to ensure their daily sustenance from lunch based on individual eating habits. Here, the main criteria when choosing a job – salary, career and professional growth. Delivery of meals to the office of St. Petersburg is carried out at any time convenient to you.


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