Giving Paper

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Each of us engaged in daily work issues, wants to bring order to their current business. After all, not everyone has a phenomenal memory and absolute discipline to not be late for appointments, not forget to congratulate the partners of the holiday, call a colleague, etc. Well, when is administrative assistant, who remind you of upcoming cases and will not be late for important meetings. And if not? Write on pieces of paper that often lost – not an option … you help out a simple but very useful thing – daily! Paper or electronic planner to choose? Recently, a paper diary competition are electronic notebooks books. Despite the incredible popularity of PDAs (Pocket PCs) and laptops, the preference is still given a paper diary.

First, write down the oral information on paper is more convenient and faster than make a PDA, but always carry a notebook hard … In addition, minus the electronic diaries that a mini-computer is able to catch different viruses that can destroy data. Paper Diaries Therefore examine in more detail in paper notebooks, remembering the proverb, “What is written with a pen, that will not cut down with an ax.” Giving preference to a paper diaries, you need to decide what size notebook better buy? The choice of size is not so malovazhen as it may seem at first glance. Because the size of the notebook should be directly related to the activities of its owner. Thus, a pocket diary fit person, often we are in traveling and in meetings. Medium in size – is a versatile option. Great diary (format A4), is designed for use at your desk. It all week placed on the turn.


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