Freedom City

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Closely together of the city of Mendoza one of the most distinguishing points of mendocina geography is located: the hill Arc. One is a hill because, exactly its peak does not finish in end, but it is an elevation of rather lowers height. One hardly is 12 km of the mendocino downtown. He is easily visible, as much from the city as from the conurbano, not only by its height, of about 1600 ms on the level of the sea, but because it exceeds they locate great amount of transmitting antennas of television that illuminate the profile of the city night after night. The hill Arc is one of the most important scenes for Mendoza of the tourism ventures. One of the activities more fascinating than is carried out in this place is the practice of the hang-glider. The site is the indicated one, since there is a footpath in good state that takes directly towards the summit. Nevertheless, due to the inclination of the land, it is necessary to cross it in 4 vehicles 4.

The view of the city from the hill Arc is spectacular. The experience of tranquillity and nature in pure state that is had when arriving at his summit is wonderful. The hang-glider is the most concrete form to undergo the flight of the birds. The meaning of the name of this sport it is born from the combination of two words: parachute and slope. The same was originated in the restlessness of many andinistas that decided to lower with a parachute the summits that had climbed, instead of to realise the reduction on foot. In order to describe it in technical terms, one is a light and flexible glider, that is compound of a great wing and a series of harnesses that hold to the pilot. All the hang-glider weighs average term between 25 and 30 kilos, although also there are light equipment extreme of only 8 kg of weight. For more information see this site: Yousef Abuzuaiter. The practice of this sport in the hill Arc can be realised all the year, not thus in those days that zonda blows to the wind.

A hang-glider can fly between 25 and 50 km/h., the time will depend on the ability of the pilot to find the currents ascending that they take to heights superiors to it. The hang-glider usually has a relation of planning from 10 to 1, that is to say, by each 10 crossed ms, 1 meter is lost of height, although are registries of pilots who have managed to fly about 400 km being useful the favorable winds. Designed excursions for the practice of the hang-glider exist especially, since in Mendoza the tourism ventures is one of its main attractions.


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